Why You Should Adopt a Location Marketing Strategy for Your Business.

Why You Should Adopt a Location Marketing Strategy for Your Business.

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the likes your latest business post received on one of your social media platforms?

You took the time to create an awesome photo, a plate of delicious wraps, with unique delectable unique veggies. The prefect setting – it looks delish! You post and in come the…’likes’.

And likes. And likes. You may get the odd comment , “thanks! It looks great”!.

And then you sit and wait. Wait for what? Your post created likes, activity, it has helped your business profile, SEO, brand. Your followers may have even shared with their followers and so on. This is fantastic! You see the number of likes and get set to post another creative, mind blowing recipe.

But your still waiting for….

For sales! Where are the sales?

Has anyone ordered from that post? Your business needs those likes- no doubt, but in times like these (and if you are a main street, local business – you know what I mean)- you need people to purchase! To open their wallets and buy whatever it is your selling.

Otherwise all the likes in the world won’t be worth a hill of beans (Borlotti, Scarlet Runner…who cares?)!

One reason they are simply liking your posts, is because that is all they can do. Many of those followers are not anywhere near your business location. They may not even be in your city let alone in walking or driving distance.

The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated one glaring need within our cities and neighbourhoods. It has shone the spotlight on the absolute necessity of having local businesses thrive, create , employ and prosper. Not only as a convenience (I can go on about the environmental advantage of buying locally – but that for another time), but as an absolute in keeping our communities vibrant, alive, unique and..hell…fun!

And we need fun more than ever.

Your business requires an ability to post, engage, react to “Local populations, Local citizens, Local buyers”.  Those that are nearby, around the proverbial corner. Create posts that reaches the locals, not those who are too distant to react and buy now.

What your need is a basic business 101 need.

Attract paying customers.

Using mobile, location-based marketing in the way of a branded App is an effective real-time tool for your business to engage with locals and to bring in sales. As a survival technique -nothing beats a local touch.

So next time your post gets a hundred likes, measure how many ordered curb-side, or if possible in-store. Keep posting.

But post local.

Be local.

Micheal Burnatowski is Co-Founder of Airbrowz Mobile Technologies Inc. a location-based marketing App designed to provide “Main Street” businesses and communities with a quick and flexible way to engage with local customers and residents in a few clicks.