Market locally. Airbrowz…From Your Local…To You

Re opening means as a business you need to get in front of potential customers before your competitors do.  The pandemic has changed the way we consume. Curb side pick up and online selling is here to stay. Is your business ready? With Airbrowz we provide you with a fully integrated e-commerce marketing tool that allows you to post, promote and sell in-store, curb-side, or online. The options are yours as this is your app – your platform. We suggest you tell existing customers as this delivers loyalty and an exceptional personal experience. You need to connect 1:1 with customers. What better way then to provide them with the convenience they are looking for. You win, they win.


As a retail or hospitality business you need to think different and be different in marketing.

As we re-open our economies it is not enough to simply post on social media. There are millions of competitors on social media and your messaging is easily lost. Being different in your marketing can bring you closer to your loyal, exisitng customers AND deliver people to you who have never bought from nor heard of you before.


As a consumer, do you really know what is going on around you? In your ‘local’ neighbourhood? Because local is anywhere you are.

No longer do you have to waste time searching for great retailers, unique promotions, or restaurants that are ‘somewhere’ around you. With Airbrowz local businesses (local to you) post their promos, activities, and info and you receive them immediately on your phone. When you are nearby. How convenient is that?