As we enter a typical time of the year where tourists are mostly gone, kids are back to school and people get back to work, retailers and restaurants typically find a slow down in customer flow and engagement.

2022 is proving to be a difficult time for business with supply change shortages, extreme price increases, and a looming slowdown, businesses may find a difficult number of months ahead.

We also know that simply posting on social media sites is NOT enough to engage with buyers. Sure, they may ‘like’ your photo, but are they coming into your store? Are they buying? Or are they quick to forget and move onto the next post (of which we can all admit- are far too many!)

And are the posts in social media relevant? What experts in marketing are finding is that there is an overload of information, often useless. This only annoys the customer.

Where location marketing, like inside Airbrowz, differs is that your customers only receive information from you that they are looking for. Directly from you to them. Think of your Airbrowz post as a personal message to them.

And it is received only when they are nearby your location. This makes it effective and meaningful. You gain their trust and long term love!

Simply opening your doors and placing sandwich boards or posts on social media just doesn’t cut it anymore. You need multiple marketing tactics and location marketing with Airbrowz is a channel that adds to your marketing plan.

Reach out to existing customers in your social media & ask them to follow you in your Airbrowz app!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results and will see a steady flow of customers…..and sales.


Your friends at Airbrowz:)


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