Today’s retail world requires a multi-faceted customer experience.

You need to build out your digital brand but still provide the in-store experience shoppers crave.

You need a tool that replicates the in-store connection with customers and the freedom provided by mobile shopping.

Our POS mobile marketing platform empowers merchants to create exceptional targeted sales experiences for shoppers – in-store, at the curb, or online.

Airbrowz provides your business with an App inside your POS that is designed to sell and deliver a loyal, happy customer.

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Mobile apps and consumers using phones to purchase

Mobile Apps and Consumers

85 % of mobile users feel more relaxed when using apps, rather than mobile websites.

App use approaches 80 % of the time we spend on digital platforms.

We spend 18x more time on an app than on mobile sites83 % of B2B marketers believe that apps are important for content marketing

4 out of 5 consumers use their smartphones to shop

Google data shows that 82 % of smartphone users consult their mobile phones when making a purchase decision

Airbrowz digital promotions using point of sale

Tools to help businesses thrive

The best experiences come directly from business owners or sales associates. Customers are looking for meaningful connections and trust.

We all wish to increase our sales – that’s a given. The “how” is much different today.

No more status quo. No more cluttered social posts or filling an email box with…more emails.

Inside your POS, we have built a seamless and powerful marketing tool.

Experiences created. Connections made.

Buy local is real, and here to stay.

Provide your community of customers with the tools they are looking for.

  • Buy in-store
  • Curbside
  • Online

All in 1 place. Simple. Dynamic. Powerful.