Gain sales by promoting your business to customers when they are nearby and ready to act. In real-time and right on their phones making it an easy and relevant shopping experience.

Start to grow an audience for your business with awesome, relevant, and real-time promotions that sell.

Promote, brand, and sell with location-driven notifications.

NCR point of sale and Retail Management Systems

Retail Management Systems is our Canadian channel partner for NCR Counterpoint POS. As a partner and legacy NCR provider, the RMS team will help bring your business into the 21st century of digital marketing and ecommerce sales with real-time location intelligence and proximity marketing that bolsters customer understanding and experience using the proprietary Airbrowz app and POS platform.

Virtual buying with Airbrowz

Airbrowz Virtual Engagement

Customers follow and connect with a business with their phones in real-time. Sales associates receive requests, purchases, orders, and messages both through the sale’s phone and the business POS system.

This provides continual and personalized communication with each shopper.

Airbrowz mobile checkout

Mobile Checkout

Shoppers can complete transactions and merchants fulfill orders from anywhere. The location of the shopper or the method of purchasing is no longer a barrier to a real-time personalized experience.

Shoppers skip line ups, buy online, or are directed to in-store promotional items at ease with the Airbrowz system. Shoppers can experience a frictionless checkout anywhere inside a store, or even before entering.

The mobile cart is an extension of a merchant’s POS system.

Airbrowz integration with Counterpoint POS

Click. Create. Connect.

  • Easy and seamless integration with your POS
  • Develop and send your promotions directly from your POS dashboard
  • Promote to customers who are within proximity of your physical location
  • Increase subscriptions to your business website, and sell online or through your branded App page powered by Airbrowz

Airbrowz personalized shopping experiences

Rich, Personalised, Measurable Shopping Experiences

Get real-time marketing tools built to help your online store grow.

Run promotions, deals, and discounts to keep customers coming back.

Be relevant. Engage your current customers, find new customers, and develop loyalty with targeted messages delivered right to your customer’s mobile device.

Your messages stand out and are not lost within hundreds of email or social threads that are often missed.

With Airbrowz, your customers NEVER miss a deal and KNOW that you exist!