Why airbrowz

Using airbrowz, business owners can easily, affordably and quickly make the move to an effective state-of-the-art mobile software solution.


As a business why should I care about airbrowz? What do I get?

No coupons

Unlike coupons, flyers, & banners receive timely feedback on the advertising success of each of your campaigns.


Gain new insights about the people that are in your neighborhood (what they want, and when they are shopping)

Qualified leads

Build promotions that are reaching people who have indicated their interest. Truly a targeted solution to help your business


View the traffic of those qualified leads in your neighbourhood by date, time -- leading to better decisions about how/when to advertise

Conversion metrics

Measure precisely how your promotions are doing - conversion metrics (who, when, where) -- helping you design effective mobile advertising campaigns.


Create mobile customer experiences right from your browser. It is all about the consumer experience- and AirBrowz delivers

Chambers of Commerce

As a Chamber why should I care about airbrowz? What do I get?


With airbrowz, all Chamber members receive a discount of 15% on any subscription package they choose.


Provide huge value to your present members and deliver a strong value proposition to attract new members.


Chamber/Business Organization members can derive data on their mobile business activity. Receive real-time market research data on the general activity within your business area


Drive businesses and individuals to all your events. One push delivers your message to all your social media platforms. Huge savings in time


Provide a platform for your members to engage in B2B activities; while generating valuable data and analytics on chamber activity


Deliver a fully engaging mobile experience to all your members and your chamber administration. Extend your reach via mobile in an easy, quick, efficient platform- no coding required.


As a consumer why should I care about airbrowz? What do I get?

No coupons

Unlike coupons, and flyers which are physical, bulky, out-dated, or often expired, AirBrowz delivers real-time promotions. Easy!


Deals, relevant to your interests, and near your (mobile) location. You select. 1 app to cover all your needs


Have notifications of deals matching your interest/location. No spam.

Reminders of deals you want but will expire soon. Never miss out on your deal.

Gain awareness/knowledge of highly rated and relevant merchants in your area.


Save money when and where you are shopping . Anything. Anywhere. Anytime.



What are our clients are saying about us?

Donna Bella Hair Salon

With all the competition in the hair salon market we were looking for something that would give us that competitive edge. Our Barrhaven BIA suggested we talk to airbrowz about their unique mobile platform that helps drive targeted customers into our store. In minutes we had our own branded mobile application and can now see the results of our campaigns! Easy & really effective!”

La Catrina Churros Bar

As a new business we were looking for ways to increase our exposure and build our brand. A large part of our business is attracting customers INTO our place of business. We knew we needed to go mobile – and quickly. airbrowz got us up and running in minutes and we haven’t looked back!

Our Solution

airbrowz is a mobile

software platform designed specifically

to attract qualified consumers

into your place of business.

Receive higher foot traffic,

and acquire a fully engaged

easily retained consumer

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