Targeted notifications that engage, acquire, retain consumers

Targeted Digital Marketing

We provide retailers in all sectors with a platform to create customized promotional campaigns and targeted messaging enabling customer retention.

The Airbrowz platform includes branding, and targeted notifications to a local as well as a non-local clientele through a business's own mobile application.

Our virtual selling product includes storefronts, omnichannel support (in-store, curbside, or online) mobile checkout, and geo-targeted messaging that delivers the ultimate customer experience.

A perfect complement to business email and social marketing.

Sign up by going to "Airbrowz" on either the App Store or Play and start referring customers to your posts.

An e-commerce marketing platform that provides your business with everything you need to promote and sell through your own branded mobile app

NCR Counterpoint POS Integration

What is Airbrowz?

Airbrowz  provides B2C businesses with an easy way to deliver digital promotions and accept orders through targeted push notices.

How Does It Work?

1) If you are using the NCR Counterpoint POS platform, please contact our POS provide, Retail Management Systems and together we will set up your secured account.

2) If you do not use NCR Counterpoint- you can still take advatnge of the Airbrowz Digital Marketing Platform. Simply download Airbrowz and we will set you up in no time!

Can I Sell Curbside or Online?

Yes. In fact you can choose to promote for in-store purchases, curbside pick up, or online. You decide!

And remember to share your app with everyone!

Curious on setting up on Airbrowz? Have a look at our brief  video that provides a glimpse of the features and benefits of having Airbrowz as part of your digital marketing strategy.

What can mobile commerce do for your business?

Over 70% of consumers prefer shopping in-app. Put your brand in their hands and drive new revenues with your own e-commerce app. Connect with us or simply download ‘airbrowz’ and we will set you up within 24 hours.

Higher Conversion

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returning customers

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Delight and excite shoppers with real-time targeted notifications, and messaging.

Immediately publish your offers, notices, promotions, stories and reward people who are nearby.


Moving Your Business to Mobile Has Never Been So Easy!


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Partnering With Stripe

Airbrowz has partnered with Stripe one of the world’s largest and most trusted and secure ecommerce payment platforms. The processing fee is via Stripe to allow for secure online transactions to reach your business accounts. 


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