Communities around the world are feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are here to help in any way we can.

 Post Promotions & Sell Products

Our awesome app helps you promote and sell to local consumers.

Download the App for Free on your iPhone or Android and begin your promotions. No credit card. No obligations.

What is Airbrowz?

Airbrowz is a community App that uses real-time location software to engage local shops, restaurants and services with local consumers.

Our model is specific to your business location. Knowing your  location, we will create a ‘zone’ wherein any consumer using Airbrowz will be ‘pinged’ upon entering your ‘geo-zone’.

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to help kick start local economies, Airbrowz is FREE to any business in order to help them through these times.

Our monthly subscription fees will be put on hold for the time being:) 

How Does It Work?

A business signs up via our App on the Apple Store of Google Play.

They create their account (personal to the business). The business now has its own branded mobile App!

We receive notice that your business has registered and immediately begin the process of configuring your account. Once your address has been configured in our system your promotions will appear immediately upon posting.

Consumers who have the Airbrowz App are immediately notified of a post/promotion when they are within the business location ‘zone’ – in other words, when they are nearby.

Can I Sell Online?

Yes. In fact a business can choose to promote for in-store purchases, curb side pick up. Our online purchase/delivery option is coming soon!

With Airbrowz any business has a full mobile marketing platform. 

You will reach consumers when they are nearby, but will also have your posts viewed from people who are….anywhere. (of course they need the App!)

In -store, curb-side, or online- your ‘local’ is where ever you want to be with Airbrowz!

And remember to share with everyone!

Quick Explainer Videos

Take a minute in order to have a better idea of how we can work together to increase activity in our communities, support local businesses and bring life back into our neighbourhoods and cities.
We are all in this together. Let’s re-ignite!

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Going Digital Has Never Been So Easy!

Are you ready?


As a response to the global pandemic, Airbrowz is FREE to the business community.

Until we can see business communities beginning to get back to ‘normal’ we are offering Airbrowz for Free.

This offer is valid until early 2021. 



per month

  • Online Store
  • Curb side Pick-up
  • Unlimited Posts
  • 2 Business Locations
  • Full Online Support


per month

  • Same as “Browz” PLUS
  • Unlimited Business Locations
  • Data/Analytics Dashboard (coming soon…)

Partnering With Stripe

Airbrowz has partnered with Stripe one of the world’s largest and most trusted and secure ecommerce payment platforms. The processing fee is via Stripe to allow for secure online transactions to reach your business accounts. 


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