Proudly Canadian

We are a mobile marketing platform for independent businesses that helps sell what you are providing to local consumers.

Showcase and promote your business to the local community.
Making the world a 'local' marketplace.

Create and publish your own campaigns/ promotions/notices in real-time.

Choose your 'local' area. (Hyper, City, Global)

Online selling & delivery, pick-up options. 

Have people from around the world experience your 'local'.

Software  Supporting Cool Local Entrepreneurs/Businesses/Communities.

Local is wherever you wish

Real-time, App provides your business with:

 * An online store. Allow for Pick-Up / or other delivery options.


 * Publish what your wish to promote ‘locally’ to consumers who can (soon!) walk INTO your business (yeaa!)

Send relevant, personalized messages directly to mobile devices that are:

Near your business (within a few kms.)

Within your city (city borders)

Globally (anywhere e-commerce)



Your Online Store

Sell your products online through our App. Brand and expose your business to local (and global) consumers.

Push out items you are able to sell online. We handle the flow – you deliver. Easy.

Local Marketing

See real-time activity and get notified when people are around your business.(even at home)

“Local’ is relative. As a business you decide how far you wish to reach

Engage Customers

Engage customers with cool offers. Acquire followers.  Reach out when and where people are most likely to act.

Deliver mobile experiences. Customers are there.

 Why this matters

As a Business Owner It Really Is Time To Act

Create the Link Between Your Business and Community

Be a leader in your community by providing your products to local residents. Make them aware of what you have to offer. Be the link to your local community. 

Customer Attraction and Anywhere Local

Once you engage a customer, the last thing you  want to do is lose them. Customer churn is expensive to any business. Loyalty is key. Helping consumers navigate their requirements will help keep them loyal. They are around you – and anywhere.

Real-Time Location / Community Support

Our cities, our economies, are driven by local businesses. Of any stripe. Having a tool that immediately reaches local residents to purchase the products/services you offer is extremely valuable in these times of COVID-19, and beyond. Your local community can in reality also be – anywhere. 

Our view of the world is that we are all living in ‘local’ communities. On a basic level we are all local citizens. 

Your business now has the tool to deliver customer experiences within your immediate neighbourhood, city or if your business is capable globally. 

As a business your local community is your choice!

(yeah that’s pretty cool)

Free Business Registration.



Simply provide us with some basic info.
We will create your customized, secure, branded business account and email you instructions.



Login and create your own (branded) notifications. Immediately let your “local” residents know what you have to offer!
Shout out to your social platforms and gain more followers!



Publish whatever you wish. Show how unique and cool your business is!

With Airbrowz- “Local” is now anywhere.

Our Free Plan

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“Reach nearby consumers”

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“Reach global consumers”

Some Facts

Local Small Businesses are the Backbone of Our Economy (courtesy Stats. Canada)

< 10 years in business

Retail & Hospitality

< 100 employees